“The high level of meat and saturated fat consumption in the USA and other high-income countries exceeds nutritional needs and contributes to high rates of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and some cancers.”
― Polly Walker

We place our trust and lives in the hands of special people that have vowed to provide our country with the best healthcare, food, and technology today. However, the death toll is increasing each year alongside our investment dollars to help find a solution. We feel we have reached that point in the road where we should divide practices and look towards other possible solutions.

Smarter Foundation was created from home hitting experiences, where once a loved one was healthy and enjoying life, and then suddenly they were hospitalized and fought until their last breathing day. The heartfelt stories and passionate experiences from those who suffered to those who provided support has created this great movement.

Smarter Foundation is here because we believe every community should take ownership of their health, fitness, education, business and food source. Those five pillars are essential to provide a synergistic and safe environment. We are here to help strengthen and bring awareness to Chronic Inflammatory Illnesses and how it can possibly be prevented.

Smarter Foundation is for all the fighters that lost their lives to Chronic Inflammatory Illness. This is their LEGACY.


Smarter Foundation mission is to provide awareness and research on illnesses related to Chronic Inflammation. Studies today are linking major diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and over 100+ autoimmune disorders to Chronic Inflammatory Illnesses…


Smarter Foundation began after a remarkable re-discovery of the miracle of nutrition and lifestyle changes. Our founder Jay Valentine with the help of his mother, Pastor Deborah Valentine provided nutraceutical medicine to…

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